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The Writing Center promotes the College's mission of fostering student success in achievement of goals by providing an environment where students in all disciplines can become more effective and more confident thinkers and writers.
The Write Place Online Writing Center is an online extension of The LCCC Writing Center. The Write Place allows you to submit writing assignments via email for review. Our faculty reviewers will then provide personal assistance to help writing efficiency and overall writing abilities. The reviewer will respond within 48 hrs (depending on the length of the assignment) and meet with you, if necessary.

It is strongly recommended that you follow the instructions when submitting your paper. We welcome the opportunity to offer this free service to you, but the criteria must be met and the directions must be followed in order to get an action from our team.

Chat Live

  • Help polish your finalized writing project
  • Assist with complicated areas, such as citations (APA, MLA)
  • Examine the manuscript for format, correctness of expression, and documentation style
  • Ensure that you have done the following:
    • Addressed the assignment or topic as it is written
    • Established a clear focus
    • Logically stated and developed the thesis in sufficient detail
    • Consistently presented topic sentences for body paragraphs
    • Used transitions economically and effectively
    • Organized the paper into an introduction, body, and conclusion
    • Followed standard practices of formal written English: spelling, grammar and usage, word choice, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence construction

  • Ghost Write: We will not write a paper for you
  • Re-write: We will not completely revise a paper for you, but we will give guidance as to how best to improve your work
  • Tutor: We will not help those with a lack of writing ability. For those with serious writing deficiencies, they will be referred for tutoring at Student Support Services
  • Verify Content: We will not review for content. Our reviewers' focus will be on the standard practices of formal written English
  • Edit for Publication: We cannot help you produce a publishable paper

  • In the subject line of the e-mail, include your name, LCCC student ID#, class, due date, and length of paper (Ex., John Smith, 1234567, Eng. 101, due 7/1/13, 4 pages)
  • In the body of the email, indicate some specific questions/concerns about the paper. (Ex., I am not sure if my thesis statement is strong enough, and I would like some advice on the conclusion. Please call me on my cell—555-1234.)
  • Attach your paper, along with the instructor's stated assignment (preferably in Microsoft Word format, if possible)
  • Email
  • Then, click Send. It's that easy!

The LCCC Writing Center is a free resource to LCCC students. The Writing Center is now located in Building 9, Room 903, where you may physically go in order to obtain help with your writing assignments and projects.We hope to see you there!